Building the roof of a house is just important as other work while building a house. A roof of a house is much more than just the decorative top. A roof is built to prevent sunlight and rain, it also helps to drain water away from a structure, and provides insulation that helps keep the interior of a building warm or cool, depending on the season. Roof building is not a small and easy work to do. Perfect measurement and planning are needed to make a perfect roof.

When you are done with measurement and planning, you have to buy materials now. Choose the perfect and long-lasting material. The time you have collected all your material its time now to build a roof for your house. At the very first you have to make the frame with trusses. The wall frames, where trusses are going to be attached must already be level, plumb, and square. You can use ladders or scaffolding if the building is also just framed or not prepared fully. It would be better if you use a crane to get help. Before you can install the trusses, you have to install temporary braces so that the trusses can rest on until the sheathing and permanent bracing are getting installed. At the center of the back wall, nail the bottom half of a board to the top of the outside wall. Make sure you have fastened it to a stud. Repeat the same steps to install all temporary braces at the front of the building as well. Install the two end trusses at the front and back of the building according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure you have fixed them to the temporary bracing. It will make the trusses more strong. Then install the standard trusses. Once all the trusses are installed, install permanent bracing as per the truss manufacturer’s instructions. the next thing you have to do is sheathing the roof. while you sheath the roof, keep that in mind that you have to join panels over supports, and ensure that panels are one-eighth of an inch apart from each other. Repeat the same possess for both sides of the roof. After that install the drip edge. This will protect the bottom of the sheathing from rain and direct it into a gutter or away from the house.

After that install the underlayment. The most common underlayment is roofing felt, felt uses asphalt instead of tar. The main purpose of the underlayment is waterproofing. Underlayment will keep you safe from rain. You will be dry inside while its raining outside. Similar to sheathing and underlayment, the roof cover is installed from the bottom up. Like underlayment, they should also overlap. So when it rains the water drains away.


Following the steps above you can make a roof perfectly. Follow step by step to avoid any kind of mistakes. Because a single mistake can ruin the whole work.